Adopt a Track program

It is the aim of Bushwalking Tracks and Conservation (BTAC) committee that 20 clubs will have 'adopted a track' by the end of March 2016. To achieve this target we need another five clubs to adopt a track. Charlie Ablitt, the Bushwalking Tracks and Conservation Projects Coordinator, is working with Parks Victoria to identify tracks that require work and are 'up for adoption'.


If your club is interested please email Charlie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Below is a list of clubs that have adopted a track as at 31 August 2015

Club Track Park
Ballarat Bukkertillible Track Mt Buangor SP
Bayside Freemans Mill Track Bunyip SP
Benalla Mt Samaria Mt Samaria SP
Boroondara Several tracks Cathedral Range SP
Bunarong Condons Track Yarra Ranges NP
Diamond Valley Sugarloaf Reservoir Walking Trail Warrandyte SP
Grampians Heatherlie Quarry Track Grampians NP
Iranian Several tracks Lysterfield Park
Koonung To be matched with a track  
Maroondah To be matched with a track  
Peninsula To be matched with a track  
Strzelecki Australian Alps Walking Track Baw Baw NP
Warrnambool Mt Abrupt Grampians NP
West Gippsland

Bench Rest Track
Lawsons Falls Discovery Track

Bunyip SP
YHA To be matched with a track  

 Volunteer hours

For the 2015-16 year to date, our records show that clubs have contributed 473 hours of work valued at $15,372.50 (costed at $32.50 per hour).


It is important that clubs that have adopted a track report the number of volunteers and volunteer hours worked to me, Megan Major, the BTAC manager, so that Bushwalking Victoria can report accurately to land managers and government departments about the contribution bushwalking clubs made to maintaining tracks and the bushwalking environment. This information should be emailed to Megan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A form is available for this purpose at


Number of reported volunteer hours to date is 580 (411 this time last year). This work has been done by 31 volunteers (8 of whom have worked on two or three projects).

The BTAC committee aims to increase both the number of BTAC projects as well as the number of volunteers. We are heading in the right direction, but need continued support from volunteers to achieve our goals.


We have approximately 100 volunteers on our list and hope that many more club members or Individual Supporter members will join us. It would be fantastic if everyone on our volunteer list participated in at least one BTAC project a year.


BTAC projects

See the list of BTAC projects planned for the year and contact Charlie Ablitt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details and if you are interested in participating.

Date Location
4 Oct 2015 Mt Dandenong
9-11 Oct 2015 Northern Wilsons Promontory
31 Oct-3 Nov 2015 Black River, AAWT
28-29 Nov 2015 Upper Howqua
Fri 22-Tue 26 Jan 2016 *
(Australia Day weekend)
* Date range to be confirmed
Falls Creek area willow hunt
Fri 11-Mon 14 Mar 2106
(Labour Day weekend)
AAWT, Omeo area

 Outdoors Victoria's 'Invest Outdoors' initiative

In July, Chuck Berger, the CEO of Outdoors Victoria, invited Bushwalking Victoria to provide a list of tracks that Outdoors Victoria could include in their Investment Priority List for Outdoors Victoria User Groups. Outdoors Victoria will use this list to advocate for a major increase to core Parks Victoria funding.


The BTAC committee asked our network of Field Officers to identify tracks and trails in their areas according to the following criteria:

  • Closed tracks at risk of being lost for good and which are described in bushwalking guide books (so people expect them to exist), but which have been subject to neglect, fires, flood, erosion or vandalism, and have been abandoned by the land manager
  • Existing tracks that are poorly maintained, at risk of becoming derelict or being closed for safety/environmental reasons because of lack of resources
  • New tracks that Bushwalking Victoria would like to see developed.


Field Officers were asked to indicate the importance of their nominations by prioritising their nominations as 1 Urgent, 2 Important and 3 Desired, and give reasons for why the work should be done.


BTAC is keen to use this list as a starting point for compiling a comprehensive list of tracks that require attention. If you or your club identify a track that in your opinion is missing from the list, please email Dave Rimmer, the BTAC Track Development Officer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Track Issue Priority
Closed tracks    
McMahons Creek, Goldfields, Yarra Ranges Closed due to vandalism to barriers and infrastructure around mine shafts Urgent
Lerderderg Track: Blackwood Springs Reserve and North Blackwood Road Closed due to subsidence and lack of track maintenance Urgent
Grampians: Golton Gorge Loop Walk (2.3km) Closed after 2011 floods and never reopened Urgent
East Tyers Walking Track: Caringal-Munros Mill site

Currently overgrown

A number of bridges are down

Sunset Track, Bunyip State Park  Closed on the park's management plan and removed from maps, but is being used by vehicles and walkers  Desired
Existing tracks    
Grampians: Mackeys Peak Track hard to find from Halls Gap and Pinnacle track  Urgent
Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) 

Fallen trees between Mt Clear and High Cone
Fallen trees and regrowth on Harry Shepherd Track on Mt Selwyn, Barry Range
Section around Black River, Mt Shillinghaw and Champion Spur Track difficult to locate
Overgrown section in Baw Baw NP

Grampians: Mt Cassell  Inadequately marked with rock cairns
In need of clearing
Gippsland: Grand Strzelecki Track Potential to be iconic track
Billy Creek section requires ongoing maintenance
McMillan's Walking Track  A track of historical significance
At risk of becoming derelict or being closed for safety/environmental reasons because of lack of resources for maintenance
Grampians: Asses Ears Track Weather and vegetation are degrading the track Desired
Collins Siding - Tyers Junction, Baw Baw  Surface rutted after John Creek
Overgrown after Telbit Road 
New tracks    
Mt Langi Ghiran Connect the forest road ascending (via Ghiran Reservoir) from the north along Easter Creek Urgent
Mornington Peninsula 300m to link the Port Phillip coastal walks to Point Nepean Important 
Mt Macedon Trail Add to Great Dividing Trail from the Blackwood area to Firth Park and onto Mount Macedon Important 
Grampians: Barbican Rocks 3km of new track to views from the Castle Desired

Megan Major, BTAC manager

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Current Campaigns

Bushwalking Victoria's advocacy efforts aim to proactively influence decisions that impact on bushwalking and bushwalkers in Victoria, by engaging with key decision makers and land managers such as Parks Victoria and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)to ensure that bushwalking issues and opportunities are understood and considered when policies and decisions are made that impact on the bushwalking community in Victoria.

Below is a list of campaigns that we encourage you to join:


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