BTAC - Volunteers Needed

Wilsons Prom - 21 to 25 April.  Read more... 

Extended Navigation Training

A day of practical navigation to enhance your skills. Read more ...

Grampians Peak Trail

Excitement in the Grampians is building, as construction on the northern and southern sections of the Peaks Trail gets underway.
Parks Victoria is working with hikers to plan the most scenic walks through the area. Watch this video

Deer Hunting on Snake Island

The Victorian Government announced recently that it would allow a trial to hunt hog deer on the island for a two year period. Bushwalking Victoria has a number of concerns reagrding this proposal. Read more ...
Replacement of Toilet Block - Ritchie's Hut
Parks Victoria are currently in the process of replacing the existing toilet at Ritchie's hut.

The works are scheduled between February and April 2017.

There may be no toilet available for use between this period as the old toilet will be decommissioned. Please ensure you walk at least 100 metres from the river or any water way, dig a hole and bury your waste and toilet paper very carefully.

If you have any queries, please contact Parks Victoria, Mansfield on 13 1963.

Member Discounts

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BUT, in the UNLIKELY EVENT of >> becoming separated


Always regroup at track junctions and maintain sight contact on untracked or poorly marked routes. With larger groups use an appointed whip. It is generally safer to encourage slower members to walk toward the front of a group, and special care is needed with children who inevitably like to run ahead.


If your party becomes separated, a search should be undertaken in the immediate area and the location where the missing persons were last seen or likely to have made a wrong decision. However, if they are not found within 3-4 hours (longer in a remote area) it is unlikely that your party will have the resources to undertake a full scale search and you will need to seek external assistance. If communication by phone is not possible, a competent subgroup should be sent for the nearest help, with others remaining as visible as possible near the last point of contact.

The police are responsible for all search and rescue operations in Victoria, and should be the first source of contact for assistance in an emergency.