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Wilsons Prom - 21 to 25 April.  Read more... 

Extended Navigation Training

A day of practical navigation to enhance your skills. Read more ...

Grampians Peak Trail

Excitement in the Grampians is building, as construction on the northern and southern sections of the Peaks Trail gets underway.
Parks Victoria is working with hikers to plan the most scenic walks through the area. Watch this video

Deer Hunting on Snake Island

The Victorian Government announced recently that it would allow a trial to hunt hog deer on the island for a two year period. Bushwalking Victoria has a number of concerns reagrding this proposal. Read more ...
Replacement of Toilet Block - Ritchie's Hut
Parks Victoria are currently in the process of replacing the existing toilet at Ritchie's hut.

The works are scheduled between February and April 2017.

There may be no toilet available for use between this period as the old toilet will be decommissioned. Please ensure you walk at least 100 metres from the river or any water way, dig a hole and bury your waste and toilet paper very carefully.

If you have any queries, please contact Parks Victoria, Mansfield on 13 1963.

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Since food is the main energy source for both exercise and maintaining body temperature, it is important to eat often and wisely when bushwalking, particularly on extended or physically demanding trips.

On overnight walks, food and its preparation also contribute significantly to morale, providing a pleasant social end to a physically hard day.

A day spent bushwalking generally expends more energy than a typical one at home. So don't skip breakfast, eat a little more than usual, and have frequent snacks of high energy, easily digestible food. On overnight walks, have a generous serving of carbohydrates such as rice or pasta for the evening meal. Hot soup replaces lost salts and is an excellent starter to warm the tired body and boost energy whilst preparing the main meal.

Popular quick-acting high energy snacks include dried fruit, nuts and chocolate which, when mixed together, acquire the colourful bushwalking name of 'scroggin'. Simple but adequate lunches include bread or biscuits and cheese, with a little fresh fruit or salad/vegetables on the side. Evening meals are generally prepared from dehydrated ingredients because of weight considerations. However, a little capsicum, snow peas or bean shoots are light and can add freshness to the dish. Although today there is a substantial range in price and variety of commercial dehydrated food on the market, there is an increasing number of overnight bushwalkers who enjoy the challenge of producing their own creations with home food dehydrators.

Carry extra food in case of emergency